Clarinet Hire

Clarinet Hire

I have some clarinets available for hire for my students. You are then able to start lessons before having to decide about which instrument to purchase.

Purchasing a Clarinet

If you are purchasing a clarinet always seek the advice of a professional teacher. There are many poorly made, cheap clarinets on the market. It can be a frustrating and unrewarding experience to try to learn on an instrument that is not well made.

C Clarinets for Smaller Hands

I have some C clarinets available for hire. Standard clarinets are intended for adult hands and are usually too large for younger students. Small fingers are unable to cover the tone holes or reach keys. However the new small C Clarinets are very light and ideal for small fingers.

Students are able to easily move to the full size B Flat clarinet once their hands and fingers are large enough to manage. Several of my students have made that transition very successfully.

These clarinets are also available for purchase from select Perth music shops.

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